In a world that is becoming increasingly complex, digitizes further and in which the 'sustainability' of knowledge is decreasing, citizenship education is on the agenda higher than ever. Through social placements, social learning labs and social entrepreneurship projects, we make young people future-fit and help them find solutions to major social issues. Teachers, students and teachers can make the difference within the school walls, in their neighborhood and far beyond. Give a Day helps you on your way to more citizenship.

Support for participation & citizenship

Give a Day offers schoolteams a framework to take on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and to let students flourish by activating purpose on a personal, academic and social level.

Social training "Challenge"

Students are committed to a specific period (preferably 30 hours) and at various times through a social internship as a volunteer. This can be done in a non-profit organization, NGO, community center, youth work for young people who have more difficulties, a care institution, OCMW or other municipal services that contribute to a warmer society.

Social learning lab "Doing well"

Students who make their voices heard and take action to make the world a better place for everyone, who are 'Well working!' A social learning lab is being set up within which exploration and experimentation is carried out on social innovation for problems in the neighborhood.

Social entrepreneurship "Changemakers"

Through research, innovation and participation, students devise innovative solutions for societal challenges. We immerse them in an inspiring program and offer them the tools and support to become social entrepreneurs. They do this together with various partners. In this way they discover their passions and talents and use them to have a positive impact on society and the world!

Let's make it work!

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