Thanks to our partners, we make a big difference in every neighborhood through volunteer work

Today's social problems do not resolve themselves. Nearly one in two Belgians say they regularly feel lonely. Not just seniors, because the digital generation is almost as lonely as the non-digitals. Poverty affects too many people and children and remains a dormant fundamental problem. And climate warming is also a cause for concern. We all look at someone else to solve it. What if charities from civil society, companies, government, schools and citizens go to work together to solve all social needs?

The world would look like a much better place.

That's why Give a Day works together with partners and their local platforms. Municipalities, charities, schools and companies thus have the right digital tools in their hands to make a difference locally through volunteering. Everywhere we work together and launch local platforms, we see the number of matches go from x4 to x10. It is an inspiring result that pays collaboration. Not by us, but by the many citizens, students and employees, who volunteer for charities and projects in their neighborhood. So become a partner with your municipality, charity, school or company and together we make the difference.

Every hour counts!!

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