Together with Aalst, Dendermonde, Roeselare and the 13 Buurtgezel municipalities of Samenlevingsopbouw Limburg RIMO, Give a Day developed the new revolution in neighborhood-oriented care and neighbor assistance: De Burenmatcher! The system matches for small practical help, fun activities for connection or organizing a neighborhood project together. Together to a warm, social and caring neighborhood.

Towards 100% inclusion through smart municipal neighborhood-oriented care and neighbor assistance

Neighbors that are there for each other are happy neighbors. Active positive commitment makes them happier, healthier and more social. Municipalities have every advantage in supporting, promoting and strengthening neighborly assistance and neighborhood-oriented care in the municipality in the fight against loneliness and for strongly cohesive warm neighborhoods. At Give a Day we help you set up a coordinated neighborhood-oriented care policy with technology that makes 100% inclusion possible.

Where to start?

Request the detailed steps for neighbor assistance and neighborhood-oriented care including technical data sheet.

The municipal neighbor matcher for a strong neighborhood

In the online white-label municipal neighbor matcher, neighbors simply announce their supply and demand for practical help, company questions or neighborhood projects. Through simple filters, neighbors search through the ads and find each other. An email informs the right neighbor via the automatic smart matching.

Match non-digital neighbors with the smart telephone exchange

A fully automated telephone exchange technology calls non-digital neighbors after an intake interview with a neighborhood worker. The neighborhood telephone searches for the right match with the right neighbor based on a few simple questions. In a few minutes they get the right neighbor on the line. Fantastic right? With this telephone exchange you as a municipality reach all neighbors, young and old, digital and non-digital!

Follow up from the municipality through the admin back office

You work together on warmer neighborhoods through the neighbor matcher. In every neighborhood there are also vulnerable people who need extra care, attention or guidance. This requires a good follow-up tool and complaints desk: the admin back office. As a municipality, you can keep an eye on things in the most efficient way with respect for privacy and you can help where necessary from your community work, service centers or street work.

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