Find your ideal volunteer work, in your neighborhood or elsewhere, when and with whom you want.



Find volunteers for your activities. Create clear and attractive volunteer jobs.



Search social teambuildings and projects to realize with the employees of your company. Corporate social responsibility!


One-time social Teambuilding

Raise hands and give an organization in the neighborhood a (half) day a few extra workers. Good for your team, the pride of your employees and society! We have dozens of projects ready to choose from or go tailor-made to find a match for your team. Give a Day so, it is no coincidence, no.

Temporary social project

Take on the challenge of a good cause and help them during a certain period to solve their problem or question thanks to the different skills of your employees. Train your employees in social and general skills at the same time.

CSR/CSR company-wide plan

Turn theory into practice and roll out your vision on corporate social responsibility (CSR), corporate social responsibility (CSR) and/or Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We help you to draw up and roll out a structural action and enthusiasm plan. Together for a sustainable social impact.
Bring it on!

Customized route

Do you have a more specific question. Contact us with more information. We work out a customized proposal.

Let's make it work!

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