You do not have to work for a good cause to make a difference to your work. Companies like yours do that every day - by pursuing your own, sustainable, mission or directly giving back to organizations that you both care about.

Proud of your work, give with enthusiasm!

A hand can be individual, but also together with your friends, company, school or municipality. Together we are working on a greater positive impact!

One-time social Teambuilding

Raise hands and give an organization in the neighborhood a (half) day a few extra workers. Good for your team, the pride of your employees and society! We have dozens of projects ready to choose from or go tailor-made to find a match for your team. Give a Day so, it is no coincidence, no.

Temporary social project

Take on the challenge of a good cause and help them during a certain period to solve their problem or question thanks to the different skills of your employees. Train your employees in social and general skills at the same time.

CSR/CSR company-wide plan

Turn theory into practice and roll out your vision on corporate social responsibility (CSR), corporate social responsibility (CSR) and/or Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We help you to draw up and roll out a structural action and enthusiasm plan. Together for a sustainable social impact.
Bring it on!

Customized route

Do you have a more specific question. Contact us with more information. We work out a customized proposal.

Let's make it work!

We are curious about your story